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One Gift. Two Impacts.

By supporting Every Raven, Every Day, your one gift has two amazing impacts. With one single pledge you are supporting Embrace Possibility, the Campaign for Ravenscroft and you are also supporting the Ravenscroft Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is a critical portion of our operating budget. No matter your passion – teachers, athletics, fine arts, global education, Lead From Here, our makerspaces, financial aid – money from the Annual Fund helps build it.

Our teachers encourage students to embrace their potential every day. Embrace Possibility, the Campaign for Ravenscroft allows us to enrich the educational experience of every student, every day and your gift helps develop the best teachers for our young learners.

When you Embrace possibility, you support Every Raven, Every Day. Your gift turns possibilities into accomplishments. Please give now to support teachers that are touching the lives of our students.

How Much?

The answer to that is easy: as much as you can.

This year, in honor of Embrace Possibility, all donors have the opportunity to make a 3 year commitment to the Annual Fund. And whether your pledge is $30 or $30,000, it’s an important statement of gratitude that shows your passionate belief and pride in the Ravenscroft experience. Every dollar that you give makes a difference to Every Raven, Every Day.

Get Involved

The Embrace Possibility Campaign Cabinet’s enthusiasm and commitment fuels our success. We are so grateful for this dedicated group of Parent and Alumni volunteers. If you would like to join our Cabinet, please contact Jennifer Gerber, Director of Annual Giving, at or 919-847-0900.

"Every day of AP European History with Mrs. Immediata was an inspiration. The most valuable training I have received as an historian took place in her classroom."

- Will Tatum ‘99, Historian, Dutchess County, NY

Embrace Possibility Campaign Cabinet

Embrace Possibility Co-Chairs

Jenny and Charles (’78) Winston

Easter Maynard (’89*) and John Parker

Honorary Co-Chairs

Fran* and Watson (’38) Pugh

Joy and Temple Sloan

Public Phase Chairs Pickel and Pete* Tannenbaum

Parent Co-Chairs

Kelly (’90*) and Stephen (’91) Gould

Laura (’92*) and Carmin Kalorin

Lower School Division Chairs

Courtney and Geoffrey Brock

Lynn and Chuck Vitello

Middle School Division Chairs

Kathy and Steve Pretzer

Upper School Division Chairs

Beth and Ben Atkeson

Nicole and Paul Kerner

Parent Leadership Team (as of June 1st, 2017)

Amy and Sterling* Baker

Victoria and Bryan Bell

Mary and Julian Bossong

Claire and Raynor Casey

Tracy and Dan Davidian

Susan and Todd Eichler

Sarah and Zaher El-Assi

Susan and Yuri Fesko

Andrea and Neil Fox

Katie (’95) and Rich (’96) Gillespie

Erin and Mike Hollingshead

Britt and Phil MacNabb

Anne (’89) and Amir Mehr

Liz and Josh Morgan

Dominique and John Primus

Ragan and Billy (’93) Ramsey

Amy Beal and Brett Rogers

Sally and Jeff Schmalz

Bonita Young and Dexter Smith

Ally Sonntag

Jenn Dominguez and Nate Spilker

Dani and Kevin Stansell

Jennifer and Steven Swift

Meg and George (’92) Venters

Anita and Andrew Wells

Jen and Ryan Wickline

Alumni Co-Chairs

John Parham ’84*

Joyce Pope ’04*

Alumni Leadership Team

Sarah Hoverstad ’04

Alex Kumbar ’12

Alex Moss ’07

John Moss ’04

Rebecca Qubain ’15

James Sansom ’76*

Casey Stevenson ’08

Grandparent Co-Chairs

Kevin Keim*

Donna* and Kirk Preiss

Parents of Alumni Chairs

Iren* and Mark Hianik

* Indicates members of the Board of Trustees

Italic indicates Grade Level Captains