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Private Lessons

Ravenscroft offers private lessons in several different instruments for first through 12th graders. Instruments included are violin (grade 1); strings (grades 2-12); piano (grades 1-12); woodwinds (grades 4-12); brass (grades 4-12); percussion (grades 9-12); and voice (grades 6-12).

Depending upon grade level and instrument, most lessons are 60, 70 or 80 minutes in length.

While some lessons are 30 and 45 minutes in length, depending on grade level and instrument, most lessons are 60, 70 or 80 minutes long.

When and how do I register for Private Lessons?

Registration begins in late May and ends in late August. Information and forms can be found here.

Get all summer private lessons information hereRegister for summer private lessons. Contact Cameron Bolin with any questions. Deadline to register is Friday, May 24.

When do I pay for Private Lessons?

You will be billed in October, after the third lesson.

When do Private Lessons start?

Lessons typically begin the second week of September.

What is the difference between Private Lessons and Group Lessons, and which one should my child register for?

Private lessons are fee-based, one-on-one lesson times with an instructor. They can move at a child's own pace and give the opportunity for focused, individual attention.

Group lessons are available at no charge and cannot be as individualized as private lessons. A more social experience, they provide students the ability to practice playing their instrument in a group setting. Group lessons are for violin, viola and cello, and typically offered to Lower School students only.

Can my child take both Private and Group Strings Lessons?

Yes, definitely! Just be sure to indicate on each registration form that the child will be taking both so that scheduling can be done appropriately.

Why are there separate registration forms for Private and Group lessons?

The two programs are administered through two different offices. Private lessons are fee-based and available for multiple instruments & voice. Group lessons are not fee-based and available for strings only.