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Fine Arts

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"We strive to develop young adults who will value arts as an integral part of their society. The arts touch every aspect of our students’ experience on campus and is an important component of the fabric of life in campus."

- David McChesney, Director of Fine Arts

The study of the Fine Arts begins with our Pre-Kindergarten students through experiences in music and visual art. In Kindergarten, through the addition of the study of violin, we begin the journey of building strong hand/eye coordination, brain plasticity and pathways to creativity. A variety of offerings in music, theatre and visual arts provide our students a never ending path for growth.

Creativity, discipline and resilience are fostered at Ravenscroft through our award-winning Fine Arts program. The heart of our program is our dedicated team of experienced, professional artists who collaborate to provide the best arts education possible for our community. With each graduating class, the list of inspired young artists continues to grow.


Music Ensembles


Seat Theatre


Seat Flexible Performing Space


Visual Arts Studios

Hall of Fame Recipients

2019-20: Michael C. Hall '89
2018-19: Jill Muti
2017-18: Marriott Little '47
2014-2015: Emily Procter '86
2013-2014: William Joyner '80