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Ravenscroft Athletic Training has three full-time NATA (National Athletic Trainers Association), Board Certified (BOC), and State Licensed Athletic Trainers focused on the Ravenscroft Sports Medicine Program. With two A.T., C, LATs, an on-site school nurse, numerous consulting physicians, physical therapist, and other allied health-care professionals, student-athletes are provided with a safe environment for interscholastic participation. The Head Athletic Trainer coordinates the coverage and staffing of the athletic training room in the A.E. Finley Activity Center, practice, games, as well as the supervision of all students participating in the student athletic training program. An Athletic Trainer will be on campus during all home athletic events to ensure the safety of the participants.

Ravenscroft School provides insurance for students who are injured on campus or during a school sponsored activity off campus. The policy considers expenses for services not covered by other insurance policies or health plans, provided information is submitted in a timely manner and treatment is determined to be a covered expense of the plan. When an injury is reported, a packet will be sent to the home outlining how to file a claim. The claim packet will include a self-addressed envelope to the insurance company, along with its toll-free number.

For this school year, our student accident policy is underwritten by Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance.

athletic training room
athletic training room
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