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Forever Raven Society

What is the Forever Raven Society (FRS)? 

The Forever Raven Society was created to recognize our alumni donors. In order to be a member of the Forever Ravens Society, alumni need to have made a gift to the Fund For Ravenscroft.


What does an annual gift mean?

The phrase annual gift corresponds to the Fund for Ravenscroft’s fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June 30. A gift made on or between July 1 and June 30 counts as an annual gift for the fiscal year ending that June 30.

**In the 2021-22 fiscal year, any alum that makes a Gift before June 30, 2022 will automatically be inducted into the FRS, no matter what their previous giving history is.


Once a member, always a member?

That depends. Membership in the FRS will be determined on an annual basis- only donors with one, or more, gifts in the appropriate years will be listed as members of the FRS. Donors who continue to make an annual contribution after becoming a member will retain their status in the FRS.

The FRS is meant to acknowledge our donors, this means that we are loyal to our alumni as well. Let us know, as soon as possible, if you miss a giving deadline after becoming a member and we will work with you to maintain your Forever Raven status.


Do I have to give a certain amount to be in the FRS?

Absolutely not, what matters most is your consistent annual support. Ravenscroft asks its’ alumni to give whatever they can each and every year. Giving together, annual donors support for Ravenscroft is always valued.


Membership Benefits of the Forever Raven Society

  1. All members of the FRS will be surveyed annually, outside of any other surveys that are sent to the larger alumni community. This special FRS member survey will allow member input to drive Alumni engagement strategies and prioritize engagement projects.

  2. There will be an annual, invitational only, webinar with Alumni Trustees and members of the FRS.

  3. FRS members will also be able to create a customizable solicitation calendar with the Alumni office. Members will tell the Alumni Office how and when they’d like to receive solicitations.

  4. FRS members that set up a recurring gift will no longer be solicited, they will only be thanked for their continuing generosity to Ravenscroft.

  5. All members of the FRS will receive free admission to the Alumni Association Annual Luncheon, All Alumni Party, and other selected Alumni events.

  6. All members of the FRS will receive a hat that is exclusive to members of the FRS.  

Click Here to Make a Gift a Become a Forever Raven