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Meet the Team

You can now find the Admissions team in the new Ravenscroft Welcome Center, located in the A.E. Finley Foundation building, 1151 Newton Road. The Ravenscroft Welcome Center will be a multipurpose space that will host a variety of activities, meetings and events while also serving as the location for our Admissions team, providing a warm, comfortable and inviting space for new and prospective families to learn more about us.


Margaret Mills '76
Director of Enrollment Management
919-847-0900 (2235) | Email

Jennifer Baccus
Assistant Director of Admissions, Lower School
919-847-0900 (2310) | Email

Chuck Vitello
Assistant Director of Admissions, Middle and Upper School
919-847-0900 (2360) | Email 

Marcie Malin
Administrative Assistant, Middle and Upper School
919-847-0900 (2333) | Email

Jessie Hale Tesh '05
Admissions Assistant, Lower School
919-847-0900 (2227) | Email

Kevin Flinn
Admissions Assistant, Upper School, Upper School English Teacher
919-847-0900 (2727) | Email

Trey Lewis '03
Assistant to Admissions
919-847-0900 | Email