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Baccalaureate Speaker Encourages Seniors to "See With Their Hearts"

The Class of 2019, family and friends came together for the Baccalaureate service on Thursday, May 30, at St. Raphael's Catholic Church. The ceremony began with the Junior Marshals escorting the Upper School faculty, staff, guest speakers and the graduating class into the church.

World languages teacher Steve Swaim opened the ceremony with a prayer from his faith perspective.

Head of School Doreen Kelly welcomed family, friends, faculty, staff and loved ones. Her welcome was followed by two scripture readings by Eva Diana Guarino ’19 and Makayla Crawford ’19.

Michael Sisson ’19, senior class president, introduced the alumni speaker, Mateo Schiemann ’15.

Schiemann shared some of the lessons that he has learned in college.

College is an amazing place for personal growth and discovering what your passions are in life. It is not a walk in the park. If it is a walk in the park for you, then maybe you should spend more time in the library.

He wrapped up his address by giving the seniors some advice:

College is a privilege that many of us take for granted. This is why I believe you have an obligation to make the most of your college experience. Sure, have fun and enjoy it. Make friends. But don’t mess around for the next four years. Challenge yourself, expand your horizons. Life-changing experiences arise when you least expect them.

The second speaker was introduced by Mia Russo ’19. Reverend Mary Davila of Christ Church Episcopal delivered an inspirational speech about having an inquiring and discerning heart.

An inquiring heart: to inquire means to ask questions, to be curious, to assume a posture of humility, instead of a posture of certainty. To discern means to see. But this prayer isn’t talking about seeing with our eyes. It’s inviting to see with our hearts.

Reverend Davila prayed that the seniors would be blessed with “a heart that makes other feel people feel honored to be seen, and loved.”

Cynthia Woodward ’19 ended the ceremony with the Benediction, followed by the seniors, faculty, staff and Board of Trustees’ recessional into the courtyard, where they met with family and friends for photos and fellowship.

See photos from the Baccalaureate ceremony here.