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Middle School is both an entry point and a bridge.

The Middle School builds on the student-centered learning environment, grounded by Ravenscroft's mission and legacy of excellence. Students in sixth through eighth grade hone skills of resilience and growth-mindedness as they face new challenges inside and outside of the classroom. Students learn to navigate the new level of independence and autonomy that Middle School provides.

In our small community, students feel known and appreciated. They understand there is a place for everyone. Small advisory groups and classes foster close relationships. Outstanding teachers regularly engage in professional development opportunities to stay engaged with best practices through national and local workshops. Classes provide students with many opportunities to explore their interests and discover their passions.

Students are on an eight-day rotating schedule, which means longer classes each day that result in a more in-depth study of disciplines and a greater emphasis on application of knowledge and skills. Our challenging academic program features core classes in English Language Arts, Math, Science, History and Social Studies, and World Language that are developmentally appropriate and meet students' needs.

Sample Courses of Study

Sixth Grade

  • English Language Arts 6 

  • Math 6

  • U.S. History

  • Science 

  • World Language Exploratory 

  • Choir

  • Digital Media

  • Storytelling

  • Health and Physical Education

Seventh Grade

  • English Language Arts 7 

  • Math 7

  • World Geography

  • Science

  • Mandarin IA 

  • Strings

  • Engineering I

  • Battle of the Books 

  • Health and Physical Education

Eighth Grade

  • English Language Arts 8 

  • Pre-Algebra

  • World History

  • Science

  • Spanish IB 

  • Science Olympiad 

  • Art Journaling

  • Stagecraft

  • Health and Physical Education