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Learning Enrichment and Advancement Program

Engaging students in actively embracing their learning differences, teaching them to have a voice in their education, and developing their resilience, perseverance and personal responsibility.

Ravenscroft’s Learning Enrichment and Advancement Program (LEAP) provides a variety of support to meet the unique needs of students with learning differences. While some support focuses on academic interventions and accommodations, students may also benefit from courses specifically designed to further develop organization and executive functioning skills.

Specifically, LEAP is comprised of three areas uniquely customized to meet each student’s needs:

Identification & Intervention 

Early identification and proactive intervention are essential for students’ long-term educational development. In Lower School, priority and attention are given to the early identification of students performing below grade level — in particular in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. Meeting with parents regularly and quarterly performance reviews are an essential component of tracking and ensuring students are receiving the support they need during the early years of their development.

Accommodation Plans 

Students with learning or attention differences, diagnosed through a full psychoeducational evaluation performed by a licensed psychologist, are able to receive academic accommodations at Ravenscroft. Divisional counselors, faculty specializing in LEAP programming, and parents work together to implement accommodation plans created based on testing results and recommendations. Accommodations provide support for the students within the existing curricular program; we do not implement modifications to our curriculum. Updated psychoeducational evaluations must be completed every three years.

Student Courses

LEAP offers an academic skills course for an additional fee that provides direct instruction in executive function skills using research-based programs. Students receive individualized support and learn strategies in organization, study skills and more. For all of our students, the course is offered during the school day and included in their daily schedule in ways that students do not miss core instruction. Specifically in Middle and Upper School, the Academic Skills course is scheduled as an academic course. 


The LEAP Team

A team approach is important to students’ success and relies heavily upon the collaboration between our school, families and students. The LEAP team consists of two co-chairs, division counselors, and academic skills teachers who partner with students and their families. The team facilitates customized plans to identify and support a variety of student needs and ensures that everyone is engaged in the process. 

More Information

To learn more about the benefits of LEAP, please contact the counselor in your child’s division for an initial consultation. A referral for a psychoeducational evaluation may be provided along with a list of service providers in our community. Once the evaluation results are received by the counselor, the LEAP team will meet with your family to determine next steps and, if appropriate, collaborate to develop a customized plan for your child.