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Music Theory for Advanced Students

Session And Dates:
Music Theory for Advanced Students : July 27 -31, 2020

Ages:  Rising 9th-12th grades 

Time: 10 am-11 am 

Instructor: Melodie Bobbitt 

Program description: Music Theory for Advanced Students focuses on reviewing basics of note reading, simple and complex rhythms, and major and minor key signatures, while expanding on more advanced ideas of musical form and melodic and rhythmic dictation. Qualities of triads and seventh chords, augmented sixth chords, and secondary dominants will be introduced. Lessons during the camp can benefit any type of musician whether they are a vocalist or play a brass, wind, string instrument or the piano.   

Materials Needed: Students need a smart device (computer, laptop, iPad, phone) with video and webcam capability to use with the GoToMeeting program. They also need a pencil and paper.

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