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Auxiliary Programs

Ravenscroft is proud to offer on-campus, after-school programming for students. These programs provide opportunities for students to enrich their lives, embrace their passions, and even build upon their knowledge, after the school day is complete.

Each year we strive to adapt and grow the programs that we provide for the school community in order to meet the changing needs of students and families.

Contact Dan Ressner for more details.

"Game On" with Bloxels

ACT Prep

Program Description: These sessions are designed to help prepare students for the ACT exam. Students will become familiar with the format of the test, especially as it differs from the SAT. Instructors will provide both strategies and practice for questions on the English, math, reading, and science sections of the exam. As well, the effective use of a graphing calculator and the development of the essay will be addressed. Finally, students will explore many practice questions and problems similar to those on the ACT. **Students taking this course will need to bring a Graphing Calculator**

Program Date: The next ACT Prep Session may be scheduled during second semester, the exact date is TBD.

Beginning Video Editing and Production

This beginning level course is for all the budding Steven Spielbergs and Kathryn Bigelows in the Ravenscroft community. In this course, students will learn the basics of video production using iMovie. The course will begin with students learning how to import videos, images, and sounds to produce their videos. As they master these skills; then they will begin to learn how titles, transitions, special effects, soundtracks, and credits will all help to to produce more professional looking videos. In addition to the technical basics of creating short films, students will also learn the essential elements of digital storytelling. By introducing students to both the technical elements of iMovie and the elements of storytelling the course will allow your children to express themselves through the medium of film.

Coding with

This course is designed for coders who aspire to be the next Sheryl Sandberg or Mark Zuckerberg. is a web-based game that teaches programming technique and style through guided levels. The course guides students create programs with loops, events, and conditionals and write algorithms for everyday tasks. Students will participate in offline activities that explain different aspects of computational thinking and computer hardware. During programming challenges, students will work at their own pace, so this course is open to students of any experience level. Students will work towards creating interactive games or stories they can share.

***By registering for this program you are giving permission for your child to have an account and use the website at Ravenscroft School during this After School Program. Any use of outside of scheduled program time will be supervised by parents.

Intermediate Video Editing and Production

This course builds off of the Beginning Video Editing & Production that was offered previously. In this more advanced course, students will use the basics of video production using iMovie that they have acquired from the introductory sessions to take their personal video creations to a higher level. Students will continue to use the technical skills to film and produce original videos. During these sessions, they will also be introduced to the concept of story boarding to plan their videos. This unique program will continue to allow your children to express themselves through the medium of film.

*It is not required for students to have completed the Beginning Level Course to enroll in the Intermediate Level.*

Introduction to Scratch Programming

Scratch is an introductory programming language used internationally from kindergarten through college. In this course, we will dive into the language and how we can use it to program stories, games, animations, and more. Students will learn to leverage beginning computer science concepts and techniques to make their projects even more efficient, interactive, and creative.

Learn to Ride a Bike - On Two Wheels!

Program Description: This unique after-school program, which made a successful debut during Summer Programs 2014, is designed for kids who are still using training wheels or struggling to ride independently on two wheels.

Participants will learn balance, pedal, and riding skills throughout the sessions. Lessons on bicycle safety will also be a focus for this program, so that once participants are able to ride on their own, they will know how to do it safely.

Program Dates:

Spring Session #1- April 16th, 18th, 23rd, & 25th

Spring Session #2- May 1st, 3rd, 8th, & 10th

*This program will run for two weeks, per session, with four total meetings (as listed above).

*Online Registration for the program will open on Monday, April 2nd at 9:00 a.m.

Time: 3:00-4:15 pm

Cost: $150/4 sessions

Age: All Lower School Students, K-5th Grade

Location: Lower School Circle (Participants will be picked up at the L/S Back Carpool at 4:15 pm)

What to Bring: Participants must bring a bike (without training wheels) and a certified helmet each session. The bike can dropped off in the morning and stored during the school day, then taken home when participants are picked up. It is also recommended that they bring a snack and drink for each session.

Instructor: Roxane Roberts is a Ravenscroft Physical Education Instructor, primarily working with Lower School students. In addition to her teaching responsibilities she has coached soccer, girls lacrosse and field hockey during her time at Ravenscroft. Roxane has been an avid cyclist for many years and looks forward to helping your child gain confidence on their bike.

Register Online

Little Laxers

Returning after a hiatus, Little LAXers comes back as an expanded offering to help teach the sport of lacrosse to Lower School boys through activities, drills and adapted games. The primary focus of this program is to ensure that participants will have fun while becoming familiar with the fundamental skill set that all players possess in the "Fastest Game on Two Feet."

It is open to players of all skill levels, including beginners (particularly in the K - 2nd Grade session).

**PLEASE NOTE: Full Lacrosse Equipment is required for this program. Full equipment includes a lacrosse helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, and a stick.

Program Instructor: Dan Ressner is the Assistant Coach for the Ravenscroft Varsity Boys Lacrosse team, recently winning the 2016 NCISAA Div. 1 State Championship. In addition to his work with the Varsity program at Ravenscroft, Coach Ressner has extensive experience teaching the sport of lacrosse to all ages.

LITTLE LAXERS WILL NOT BE OFFERED in the Spring of 2018. Coach Ressner plans to begin offering sessions again in the fall.

*In addition to the group sessions, Coach Ressner is also available for individual lessons. Please contact him directly for additional information.*

Power Up and Power On - Tech Workshops

Program Description: This workshop is intended to offer Lower School students (in grades 2-5) the opportunity to develop a passion for engineering and design. The workshop will give these students an introduction to the basic concepts of simple circuits, e-textiles, and squishy circuits all while incorporating art and creativity. For those who have participated previously, not to worry, there will be tons of NEW projects for 2018!

In our Spring Extended Power Sessions students will create NEW PROJECTS such as a popsicle stick flashlight, a circuit "bot", soft sewable circuits, Lego circuits and more! We will explore, invent, create, build and design simple circuits using a variety of materials that your child will take home.

Register Online

Program Dates (3 Day Extended Power Sessions):

Session #1- May 8-10

Session #2- May 15-17

*Online Registration for these sessions will open on Monday, April 30th at 9:00 am.*

Time: 3:00-5:00 pm

Cost: $175, for three two hour sessions.

Age: All Lower School students, Grades 2-5

Location: Lower School Makerspace (students meet Mrs. Fordham in the L/S Computer Lab at 3:00 pm and will walk to the MakersSpace together)

Participants will be picked up at the L/S Front Carpool at 5:00 pm.

What to Bring: All materials are provided, but it is strongly recommended that your child bring a snack.

Instructors: Sherri Ausbon and Cindy Fordham

Mrs. Ausbon joined Ravenscroft Faculty in the fall of 1996 as a Kindergarten Instructor. She is passionate about teaching with technology. She has been a presenter at NCIAS conferences since 2008. Sessions included: Technology for the Young and Restless.,. New ideas for Teaching, Learning and Sharing and Infusing Technology in Today’s Classroom. Mrs. Ausbon received the Helton Award, an award for excellence in teaching.

Mrs. Fordham joined Ravenscroft School in 1999. She has served Lower School as a Kindergarten instructor, technology vanguard, media instructor (grades pre-Kindergarten-1), instructional technology assistant (grades 1-3), and currently is the Lower School Instructional Technology Specialist for grades K-5. She was the 2009 recipient of the Parents' Association Distinguished Faculty Award.

Chess Club

Program Description: Chess is an amazing game of problem solving, thinking ahead, and overall intellectual improvement. Studies have shown that playing chess helps to improve academic performance. This program will offer students all the needed resources to further their aptitude in chess and will progress based on the students’ ability. We will have fun and work hard while covering opening principles, middle game tactics, end game strategy, and also some tricks that might help you beat your most difficult opponent. The tournament experience is very similar to athletic events. Unlike sports, however, chess is one that requires its participants to use patience and mental strength. In this nine week program your child will develop a greater understanding of chess and a life long passion for the game!

Program Dates (Lower School- Thursdays)*: 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/30, 12/7- THIS SESSION IS FULL

*No Session on 11/23 due to the Thanksgiving Holiday

Program Dates (Middle School- Mondays): 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 12/11

*Online Registration for the Lower School program will open on Monday, September 25th.
*Online Registration for the Middle School program will open on Monday, October 2nd.

Time: 3:00-4:15 pm (L/S); 3:30-4:45 pm (M/S)

Cost: $180/9 sessions


Lower School Program: All Lower School Students, Grades 2-5

Middle School Program: All Middle School Students, Grades 6-8


Lower School Program: Fifth Grade Center, Mr. Fiedler's Room (Participants will be picked up at the L/S Back Carpool at 4:15 pm)

Middle School Program: Middle School, Room 7E (Participants will be picked up from Parking Lot C at 4:45 pm)

What to Bring: All materials are provided, but it is recommended your child brings a snack

Instructors: Triangle Chess

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Raven Swim

Program Description: In this ever popular program, all sessions will be a general lesson based on each participant's individual needs. Each participant will receive individualized instruction within the group setting. All sessions will focus on improving stroke technique and all strokes will be covered throughout the 4-day session. There will be some group activities but everything in the program will focus on individual improvement.

Program Dates:

Spring Session #3- March 26-29- This Session is Full.

Spring Session #4*- April 2, 3, 5 & 6- This Session is Full.

*- No class on 4/4 due to Parent Conferences

Spring Session #5- April 16-19- This Session is Full.

Spring Session #6- April 23-26- This Session is Full.

Spring Session #7- May 7-10

Spring Session #8- May 14-17

Spring Session #9- May 21-24

*Online Registration for sessions 3-6 will open on Monday, March 19th at 9:00 am.
*Online Registration will re-open for sessions 7-9 on Monday, April 23rd at 9:00 am.

Time: 3:00-4:00 pm

Cost: $105/session

Location: Finley Center Pool (Participants should be picked up from the Pool deck at 4 pm)

What to Bring: Swimsuit and Towel, Goggles are optional, all other equipment will be provided.

Instructor: Greg Warren has been the Aquatics Director and Head Coach of the boys and girls swim team since 2005. In that time, Coach Warren has been a part of 5 State Championship winning teams and currently his girls' team are the 3 time defending State Champions ('13, '14 & '15) at the 3A level. Coach Warren also teaches physical education for the lower, middle and upper schools. Before coming to Ravenscroft, he swam for UNC-Wilmington and was a nationally ranked age group swimmer while in High School. He has over 25 years experience teaching swimming skills in both the private and group settings. He is an instructor for the American Red Cross and certifies the Ravenscroft Facility, Staff and Coaches along with students in Upper School PE in CPR and AED. Coach Warren also teaches an after school swim program to lower school students looking to improve their swimming skills.

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SAT Prep

Program Description: This is a one day course is designed to prepare students for the SAT. The course will focus on teaching students the format of the test and provide both strategies and practice for questions on critical reading, sentence completion, grammar, usage, and writing. In addition to reviewing topics from pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry, students will become familiar with the format of the test and learn strategies. This course will also include a discussion of the effective use of a graphing calculator. Much time will be devoted to practice problems similar to those on the SAT.

Register Online

Program Date: Saturday, March 3 (Online registration will open on Wednesday, February 14)

Time: 1:00-5:00 pm

Cost: $89.00

Age: All Upper School Students in 11-12th Grade

Location: Upper School, Room #140

What to Bring: Students taking this course will need to bring a Graphing calculator.


Ms. Marcia Jones, U/S English Instructor and former U/S English department chair, teaches Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition and serves as an AP Consultant for the College Board. Ms. Jones, who is also Nationally Board Certified, has taught SAT Verbal Prep courses throughout her teaching career.

Mr. Michael Erikson, U/S Math Instructor and Department Chair, holds degrees in both mathematics and physics. He has taught all levels of mathematics from Algebra I through Multivariable Calculus. He also serves as an AP Reader for the College Board. Mr. Erikson has prepared students on the math and science sections for a variety of standardized tests.

Senior Self Defense Class

This is a one day course, typically offered in the late spring. It is a special and exclusive opportunity for female students, in 12th grade, to obtain some verbal and non-verbal skills that will help them handle difficult situations before transitioning from Ravenscroft to college life.