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When did you realize you wanted to be an actor?

I realized I liked doing theater when I was in kindergarten. I have always loved being in plays and musicals! 

Why do you want to be in theater?

First, I love being in front of everyone performing; second, I love expressing myself and that’s a great way to do it; and third, I have always imagined or been the actor in big movies—it is just my dream!

What is your favorite thing about acting?

You feel like a totally different person. You just really get into the character and just be that character. You almost feel like you are somewhere else because you are lost in being just that character.

Is improvisation difficult?

I wouldn’t say difficult, just you always have to be on your toes and think on the spot. And I really like it when we do the improv exercises. It’s sometimes scary especially at first but then you get used to it. It is really fun.

How do you like your acting teacher?

I love Miss Hight — she is the greatest teacher. Ever. She really lets us explore new things and she really teaches you how to be a great actor. She rocks!!!!