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Dr. Jonathan Avery

Name and Title: Dr. Jonathan Avery, teacher of Latin and Greek

How long you have been at Ravenscroft? This is my 19th year.

What do you love about your job? Working with dedicated colleagues to teach enthusiastic students is the highlight of my job. Prior to coming to Ravenscroft, I worked at several colleges and universities, where I encountered students who were bright and accomplished but reluctant to take risks in the classroom. It was exciting to begin working with students who are eager to try new things without worrying unduly about the judgment of their peers.

Latin is not a subject that necessarily seems relevant or lively, but the students here bring lots of enthusiasm to class, whether reading and reacting to the love poetry of an ancient author, working on new ways to communicate with one another, or singing songs such as "Caput, Humeri, Genua, Pedes" ("Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes").

What is your favorite Ravenscroft moment? I don't have a particular favorite moment, but I have long appreciated the community that surrounds us here on campus. From walking my own children across the quad to Lower School years ago to working with Seniors in their final days of Upper School, I appreciate the continuity in the experience of the students and the support of those around them.

It's great to run into alumni, whether on campus or off, and to see how much they have grown and how far they have come. It's amazing to me, for instance, that those cutups who were at each other's throats in ninth grade, who became fast friends by Sophomore year, who have met with such success and have overcame formidable obstacles in the years since, have stayed so close and have given so much back.

What is something people may not know about you? I majored in math in college. My wife and I met in Greek class but bonded over our mutual love of Calculus.