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Festivities, Ceremonies Honor the Graduating Class of 2021

The senior class joined the ranks of Ravenscroft alumni at their commencement ceremony on Friday, May 28, but this special group of students celebrated their time together with a number of special activities over the last month.

Faculty and Staff Recognition

We’d like to congratulate and share our best wishes for the future to these faculty and staff members who are retiring this year

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Leadership Team

Doreen Kelly

Doreen Kelly
Head of School
919-847-0900 | Email

Leonard Johnson

Leonard Johnson
Associate Head of School for Business & Finance
919-847-0900 (2228) | Email

phil higginson

Phil Higginson
Associate Head of School for Philanthropy
919-847-0900 (2824) | Email

colleen ramsden

Colleen Ramsden
Associate Head of School for Academics and Student Life
919-847-0900 (2613) | Email

jason ramsden

Jason Ramsden
Chief Information Officer
919-847-0900 (2214) | Email

lisa miller

Lisa Horton
Assistant Head of School for Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion
919-847-0900 (2246) | Email

aaron sundstrom

Aaron Sundstrom
Head of Upper School 
919-870-0900 (2734) | Email

Tinnie Salzano
Head of Middle School
919-847-0900 (2247) | Email

nicole girvan

Nicole Girvan
Head of Lower School
919-847-0900 (2542) | Email


jennifer davis

Jennifer Davis
Director of Marketing and Communications
919-847-0900 (2232) | Email

ned gonet

Ned Gonet
Athletic Director
919-847-0900 (2261) | Email

dr. david mcchesney

Dr. David McChesney
Director of Fine Arts
919-847-0900 (2670) | Email

margaret mills

Margaret Mills
Director of Enrollment Management
919-847-0900 (2553) | Email

chris jackson

Chris Jackson
Executive Assistant for Head of School & Associate Head of School for Academics and Student Life
919-847-0900 (2364) | Email

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