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Head of Middle School Search

At Ravenscroft, our academic program is both broad and deep, offering remarkable range and opportunities for our students. We foster intellectual, artistic, and athletic inquiry built on hands-on experimentation and active practice with a global perspective. We cultivate the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, competencies that are the heart of an exceptional education and a successful life and career.

The Middle School builds on the student-centered learning environment, grounded by Ravenscroft's mission and legacy of excellence. Students in sixth- through eighth-grade hone skills of resilience and growth-mindedness as they face new challenges inside and outside of the classroom. Students learn to navigate the new level of independence and autonomy that Middle School provides.

Job Description

We are seeking a Head of Middle School who embodies the following: 

  • Has a strong commitment to academic excellence and appreciation for differentiated instruction.
  • Has a passion for cultivating citizen leadership in our students, faculty and families.
  • Is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment where all members of our community feel known, cared for and positioned to thrive.
  • Has a high emotional quotient combined with positive energy and can effectively manage relationships with our students, faculty, staff and families with sensitivity and compassion.
  • Is a thoughtful innovator who can determine what we do well and where we can improve then lead us through well-paced change (while also understanding we aren’t interested in change for change’s sake).
  • Is able to embrace our spiritual legacy. Founded as an Episcopal parish school in 1862 and becoming nonsectarian in 1966, Ravenscroft embraces our Judeo-Christian heritage and respects the religious beliefs of each individual.

In this role, the Head of Middle School will be a/an:

  • “Chief Storyteller” for the Middle School who is energized by hands-on work and being a visible member of the community.
  • Inciter of enthusiasm and joy, creating an environment where students are excited, faculty are inspired and parents are valued as partners.
  • Innovator and orchestrator of activity, making Ravenscroft’s Middle School a place where faculty are eager and empowered to move forward with our mission and goals.
  • Active member of the Ravenscroft Leadership Team in supporting the school’s mission.

The following traits and skills are essential:

  • Exceptional communication skills with the desire to eagerly engage with students, families, faculty and staff.
  • Strong collaboration skills with the ability to foster an environment of teamwork and engagement with the Middle School faculty and staff.
  • Abundant energy with a fun approach to leadership.
  • Adaptable, approachable, responsive, visible and warm.
  • Strong academic credentials, including an advanced degree and a growth mindset.


Soaring Raven Separator

Since 1862, Ravenscroft has a long tradition of educating students and preparing them for college as well as life's challenges. It is with the support and guidance provided by so many leaders within the Ravenscroft community that the School has prospered into one of the finest pre-kindergarten through grade twelve independent schools in the southern United States.

Fine Arts

Character and creativity are cultivated at Ravenscroft through our comprehensive and award-winning Fine Arts program. Fine Arts begin on Day 1, with all kindergarteners taking violin lessons. From then on, the music, theater and visual arts choices are enormous. Our students have written plays, performed locally and internationally in music ensembles, participated in various thespian festivals, and won prestigious awards in regional and state competitions.


We believe our students’ physical well-being is as important as their intellectual growth. Starting in preK, physical activity- both in the classroom and at recess, and in regular physical education classes- is a key part of most days for students. By seventh grade, students can try out for one of our 25 sports and 53+ teams. It’s about learning cooperation and common purpose; training the body and the mind; teaching us about life.

Global Programs

Our global education and experiences are woven into all of our divisions and includes academic studies, cultural immersion, language proficiency and service learning. Starting in prek, and throughout the entire journey, students are exposed to language and cultural development. Ravenscroft develops in our students a global perspective and the valuable skills needed to take their place in a world built on inter-connectivity and international awareness.