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Lead From Here is our guiding philosophy, based upon a one-of-a-kind partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership.

Lead From Here

Ravenscroft nurtures children through excellent academic leadership. As an independent school in Raleigh, we hone the potential of every student and prepare them for what the world has to offer. 

Ravenscroft has joined forces with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) to pioneer a groundbreaking, PreK-12 curriculum designed to teach the leadership skills that will prepare our students to become citizen leaders.


The Center for Creative Leadership has identified the skills that characterize successful leaders - such as strategic thinking, collaboration and empathy - and developed a proven method for teaching them to adults.

"For more than 40 years, the Center for Creative Leadership has been at the forefront of professional leadership education across the globe. We are proud to be partnering with the very best in the industry to combine citizen leadership learning into the excellent academic program for which Ravenscroft is known." - Doreen Kelly, Head of School

Impact on our students

At Ravenscroft, we wondered - why wait to teach leadership skills until after students have completed their academic education? Why not integrate them into everyday classroom learning for kids?

Ravenscroft educators and CCL trainers worked together to "translate" CCL ideas and training into concepts, lessons and exercises that are engaging and appropriate to children at each grade level. The result? High-achieving students with a leg up on the leadership and real-world skills they need to succeed in the future.

Our proud partnership

Can leadership skills be taught? The Center for Creative Leadership has been doing it for more than 40 years. CCL has transformed the workplace of major corporations, nonprofits and government agencies - and the impressive results have been recognized worldwide. In 2017, CCL earned its fourth straight Top 5 ranking from Financial Times. We're proud to be their partner in change!

Citizen Leader Framework

What does it mean to Lead From Here? With our Citizen Leader Framework, we are equipping today's students to succeed in tomorrow's world. The competencies in our Citizen Leader Framework span beyond the classroom. They can be seen on the sports field, the art room, the stage and every day in our community. In every sphere of student life, our students learn to seek academic excellence and model leadership.

The results? A community where everyone succeeds in tomorrow’s world, today.


Lead From Here enhances Ravenscroft's rigorous academic program and helps develop children who are confident and have high aspirations - they will thrive as students today and change the world of tomorrow.


Languages Offered in the Upper School


Percent Of Faculty with advanced degrees


Science Labs


MakerSpace Labs


Percent of students graduate and pursue their education beyond the secondary level

Community Service

Students who are changing their world are visionary, strategic,, resourceful, reflective and adaptive. Our students have the context and creativity to formulate a clear vision for a better future. They have the tools to map out the path to get there.


Hours of Service required in Upper School


Hours must be fulfilled through volunteering with civic, religious, or community groups or non-profit agencies


Week period of Community Service completed by Seniors t o explore the the Citizen Leader Framework in a practical manner


Pallets of items collected and donated after Hurricane Matthew


Plus raised for cancer research in 2016/17

Fine Arts

Self-expression, hard work and collaboration are cultivated through our award-winning Fine Arts program. As students master their own minds, they learn to think beyond their boundaries. They develop tools for co-creation and learn the power of synergy by working together.


Seat Theatre


Plus Fine Arts performances every year


Plus students taking private lessons offered through the school


Percent of Lower School students take visual arts and general music


Private lessons studios with upright pianos

Global Education

Our global programming is woven into the entire educational journey, starting in Pre-K/K and includes academic studies, cultural immersion, language proficiency, research opportunities and service learning. Ravenscroft’s Global Initiatives are an integral component of the Ravenscroft Citizen Leader Framework. The Ravenscroft community is committed to nurturing and preparing future citizen leaders to thrive and become positive contributors to society in a complex and interdependent world.


International travel experiences currently offered


Plus global groups/clubs in Middle School and Upper School


Students enrolled in the International Diploma program


Plus students traveled abroad in 2016/17


The satisfactions taken from sports go far beyond winning a game or a season. It’s about learning cooperation and common purpose; training the body and the mind; being gracious in both victory and defeat. At Ravenscroft, our students’ physical well-being is as important as their intellectual growth.


Percent of MS/US students participate in Athletics


Gatorade Players of the Year


State Championships


Faculty and Staff who are coaches


Sports for students to choose from

Student Support

At Ravenscroft, we support nurturing individual potential in all of our young citizen leaders through an integrated, systemic approach to student health and community well being.


Clinically trained mental health professionals


Days of P.E. in an 8-day class cycle


Raleigh Police Officers on campus during the school day


School Physician to support and collaborate with full-time registered/FNP


Educational Specialists in Academic Skills



Samantha '15

Kobi '14

Only at Ravenscroft

We invite you to learn more and experience a culture of citizen leadership that aspect every dimension of the Ravenscroft community.