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Character, service, leadership — this is the context within which learning takes place.

A Ravenscroft education has these values at its core. Lead From Here is a one-of-a-kind educational framework that has transformed our school culture and curriculum to imbue our students with these values, to teach them leadership skills, and to equip them to take their place as citizen leaders in a complex, multicultural world.

Lead From Here enhances Ravenscroft’s rigorous academic program and helps develop children who are confident and have high aspirations — they will thrive as students today and change the world of tomorrow.


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Can leadership be taught?

The answer is yes. Lead From Here is a pioneering Pre-K through 12 educational framework that is designed to foster early leadership development to children of all ages. Students have the opportunity from the earliest age to actively participate with their peers in a curriculum that will draw on and develop skills such as collaboration, accountability, strategic thinking and empathy. Only at Ravenscroft.

If you’d like to learn more about Lead From Here, please review the Case Study: Transforming K-12 Education Through Leadership Development. This CCL-created case study provides insights to the challenges to be addressed and our goals associated with Lead From Here, examples of our collaborative work, and a summary of lessons learned through our journey.

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Understanding our partnership with CCL
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Understanding LEADING SELF
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