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Ravenscroft is rooted in academic excellence, with a 150-year history that provides a rock-solid foundation from which to build an innovative approach to teaching. We are shaping 21st century learners into 21st century leaders, ready to succeed in a complex and interdependent world. We are doing so through the Citizen-Leader Framework. 

Learn more in this section about the Citizen-Leader Framework and how Ravenscroft is instilling the principles of citizenship and leadership in every student.

The article "Educating a New Generation of Entrepreneurial Leaders" from the Stanford Social Innovation Review provides an overview regarding the importance of this effort.

"Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world,” said the late Nelson Mandela. What can we do to develop a new generation of empowered and entrepreneurial leaders through our schools? We often pay lip service to ideas such as “21st-century learning” and “entrepreneurial leadership development,” but the reality is that the vast majority of schools are not adequately preparing students to lead and collaborate with others to create positive change in the world. Fortunately, there are shining examples of schools from which we can learn—schools that take responsibility for preparing all of their students to become changemaking leaders."

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Partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership 

Ravenscroft is co-creating a curriculum in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). Founded in 1970, CCL is a top-ranked, global provider of executive education that focuses exclusively on leadership education and research.

This first-of-its-kind partnership combines CCL's leadership experience with the educational and developmental expertise of Ravenscroft's faculty. The Edward E. Ford Foundation has supported this initiative with a grant that helps fund the creation and implementation of the Upper School's curriculum design phase.

Using a framework based on rigorous research, CCL and Ravenscroft nurture students in all grade levels from the inside out. Students learn to lead themselves, then lead with others, and finally, change their world.

Learn more about Leading Self, Leading with Others, and Changing Your World in the drop-down sections below.

 Citizen-Leader Framework

Leading Self

A student who can lead self is self-aware, growth minded, motivated, resilient, and accountable.

Our teaching gives students space to try, fail, reflect, and grow. Along the way, they internalize learning as a never-ending adventure. They cultivate an instrinsic motivation to study, practice, learn, and grow.

Learn more about growth mindset, one aspect of Leading Self, in this Stanford Magazine article, "The Effort Effect." A quick primer on a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset is provided in the video below.

Leading with Others

A student who leads with others is empathetic, ethical, culturally inclusive, collaborative, and communicative.

As students master their own minds, they are continually connecting with members of a diverse and inclusive community. They relate to others with greater fairness and empathy. Students will effectively collaborate, welcoming open communication, sharing of ideas, and constructive criticism.

Changing Your World

Students who are changing their world are visionary, strategic, resourceful, reflective, and adaptive.

Ravenscroft students gain the context and creativity to formulate a clear vision for a better future. They become deliberate in their reasoning, and comfortable with navigating uncertainty.

Students learn to embrace possibility and create the future they want to see.

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