​Fine Arts Students Serve Local Community With Mural Project
Posted 09/11/2014 01:53PM

Several Ravenscroft Upper School students applied their artistic skills in service of the local community this summer as they created a mural at the Tammy Lynn Center for Disabilities in Raleigh. The project challenged the students to apply competencies from Ravenscroft's Citizen Leader Framework in order to bring a shared vision to life.

Tammy Lynn Center Mural

"This project required much strategy and collaboration, however after seven days of creative work we completed the mural," Upper School Instructor Julie Cardillo said. "We left the Tammy Lynn Center staff and students with a sense of wonder that only art can create."

The following students participated in the mural project: Lizzy Micyus '15, Astrid Barth '18, Parker Carnahan '16, Cayla Belcea '18, Tate Russell '18, RuthAnne Winston '18, Sydnie Schwarz '16, Evan Grimes '16, Fionna Provencher '18, Caroline Bardini '18, Logan Hunt '16, Ewan Reynolds '18, Julia Meyer '16, Paige Gordon '18, Sydney Ritenour '17, Lucy Glover, and Francis Margaret Gehrke.

The Tammy Lynn Center received grant money to complete renovation of its facilities, including an inspiring mural. Conversations between Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs Colleen Ramsden and Whitney Waldenberg '00, who is working for Leadership Raleigh, ultimately led to the idea that Ravenscroft's Fine Arts students could create the mural. The group matched the colors of the mural to those that the Tammy Lynn Center applied during its renovations to enhance the new look.

Members of Ravenscroft's maintenance team also donated time to the effort helping to deliver materials for the project. Meanwhile, Orlando Fenner '78 returned to the Tammy Lynn Center to install new Smart Boards in classrooms.

The following message appeared in an internal employee newsletter at the Tammy Lynn Center: "Thank you! I had an employee come in today who just returned from surgery and she said that she loved the mural; it made her feel happy to come into the school."